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IN THE 1920’S, Esther Price began making fudge at night after the children were asleep to help make extra money for her family. She’d fallen in love with making candy as a teenager and started her business walking fudge door to door.

By 1926, what started in her parents’ kitchen had blossomed into a full-fledged candy business where she couldn’t make chocolate fast enough. She built the current factory headquarters around her house on Wayne Avenue in Dayton, Ohio where the company’s entire candy supply is still made today.

Esther was able to tell if the chocolate was done just by looking at it and tasted every batch of chocolate she ever made. She founded her company on an uncompromising commitment to customers and quality ingredients and we still hold those standards to this day.


Many of the company’s products are still handmade and feature the original recipes Esther created.

Our products are made using premium chocolate, locally produced milk and butter, fancy-grade almonds, pecans, cashews and succulent cherries. It might be quicker and cheaper to compromise ingredients or tradition, but that isn’t what Esther Price is about.

Whether you’re buying our chocolate as an employee gift, romantic gesture or just an indulgent treat, you can be sure that every box of Esther Price is crafted to perfection. Quality takes time and we’re 93 years into creating the best chocolate any generation has ever tasted.

Interested in learning more about Esther Price? Read an article written by the Dayton Daily News here:

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